Thursday, 20 September 2012

Features of an Effective BpmSystem

Business Process Management systems or Bpmsystems have many benefits for your organization. It helps you realize that enabling innovation of existing processes and projecting ROI through simulation analysis can be productive for your business. The first step of all business process management systems is process modeling. A complete system would usually have a process-modeling tool that allows analysts to record the existing process and to plan new processes in an organized way. Then, they can project the business metrics from these models with the help of simulation analysis. 

One of the key benefits of Bpm systems is that they help in deliveringbettering control overyour business processes. This helps in the promotion of consistency across the organization and compliance with policies, regulations and best practices. The modern global enterprises are not homogenous, but the new operational unites are regularly getting added via acquisitions and mergers. 

Every geographic unit or division would have its unique processes. As business process management consists of a common set of tools used by different participants from IT, business and development for managing business processes, it helps in driving standardization of policies, procedures, Data integration and business metrics across your organization. Thus, there is always only one version of information.
Using Exalogic, along with agood hardware,results in significant improvement in performance for java-based applications that run on weblogic server and other technologies. The advantages of this system in running applications can be clearly understood by comparing it with other alternatives. When compared with regard to the execution of central Java business logic, there was an increasein number of operations per second by 60%. Another test checked the performance on the basis of database-intensive application. The superior processing along with better I/O for the database helps it to achieve 2 to 3 times performance improvement in database operations. 

If your organization is using database applications, you would have to give high priority to ensure Database security and integrity. As most of the database systems are network-enabled, there is an increased need for implementing security.When implementing this level of security, you should consider a few things. 

Make sure that you install the latest service pack for your network. The latest service pack updates have configuration upgrades for the protection of the OS from intrusions. The directory to be used for sharing database application should be hidden so as to stop any type of unauthorized access. In most cases, the database applications have the admin feature that allows you to control different levels of Database security access. This administration function should be vested in with some senior team member in a department. It is this member that would work along with the network admin for assign access to the application.

Your network admin, who is responsible for the Database security, backup and overall maintenanceof the database system on the network, mustuse DLT tape drives in place of DAT drives. These drives are relatively faster and they can store larger amount of data.

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